Montse García from Atresmedia: At the end what matters are good stories

Good stories will always see the light
Miryana Márquez|08 de septiembre de 2020

Depending on the project, times between the idea and the launch can vary, explained Montse García, director of Fiction at Atresmedia, during Conecta Fiction. The ideas “can come from our fiction team or from a producer or production company that has an idea and comes to us”.

She mentioned that they are proud of all the projects they make in Atresmedia, mainly if they travel around the world like Vis a Vis or La Casa de Papel “that proves there is talent in our country”.

Regarding the ideas they have, they always think first about the feasibility of the project. “For the next season, we have several series on Antena 3 and on Atresplayer Premium, such as Deudas, Alma, ByAnaMilán, Luimelia, which, for example, has a different type of duration and format, they are a bit bolder”.She added that if the idea is appealing, they look for ways to carry out this type of project.

In her opinion, if you are dedicated to this type of work it is because you want to tell stories. “At the end what matters are good stories”.

She ended by telling all scriptwriters and creators, “not to stay there with the project in a drawer, fight and call us, we are here. Good ideas always eventually see the light."