Lilian Rincón, Product Management at Google Assistant

Google: We want Assistant to help users where they need it the most

15 de enero de 2019

Google Assistant is undergoing a renovation. With a short life in Spanish, Google´s voice assistant includes new options and integrations that were presented in CES 2019.

Lilian Rincón, Product Management at Google Assistant, highlighted: “Google wants to take its Assistant to all those places where it can help users. First of all, to the home. We have many devices that can offer the user everything he needs through his voice: listen to music, give the news, turn on the lights, whatever. Devices such as Google Home and others with allied companies are here to cater to these needs.”

“The other place where we see it is in the automobile. We offer Assistant integrates with Google Maps. We know that everyday users drive billions of miles with Google Maps. We believe users need ease to call, send messages or search for music without hindering the driving of the vehicle. Now, you can do all that with your voice.”

“The third place is the phone. The Assistant can help you know the weather or what is happening on CES, all, just with your voice.”

Rincón also highlighted the novelty that is coming for translations with Google Assistant. “It will be possible to do translations simultaneously so that two people who do not speak the same language can have a conversation with the support of the Assistant.”