La Mujer de la Esclavina -The Woman of the Cape-
Gran Cine premieres La Mujer de la Esclavina on April 17th
14 de abril de 2016

Olympusat, Inc. announces the premiere of the movie La Mujer de la Esclavina -The Woman of the Cape- on Gran Cine. La Mujer de la Esclavina -The Woman of the Cape- tells the story of Carmen, a seamstress who in the midst of preparations for the Quasimodo feast, witnesses her family’s atmosphere broken after the arrival of her husband, Juan’s, ex-wife, who he blames for the death of their son. With her new family under threat, and carrying the burden of guilt, Carmen eventually does something crazy so as not to lose Juan’s love. The story takes place during the Quasimodo festival, which in essence consists of taking Holy Communion to the sick a week after Easter. “The idea for making this film comes from a story I read in the newspaper about a teenage mother who went out one night and left her baby alone near the paraffin stove and, upon returning, she found part of the house burnt and her baby dead, unfortunately,” explained the director Alfonso Gazitúa. The Woman of the Cape (2015) is the second feature film by Alfonso Gazitúa (The King of San Gregorio, 2006). The film has won the Guadalajara International Film Festival Construye 8/Films in Progress 2014 award, as well as the Viña del Mar and Santiago International Film Festivals 2014 Work In Progress prizes.