Delia García is one of the finalists

Grand finale of Azteca's La Isla will air this Saturday
30 de octubre de 2014

The third season of La Isla is about to end on Azteca America. This Saturday, Delia García, Francisco Covarrubias, and Enrique Manica will compete for first place and a prize of two million Mexican pesos (US$144,000). After making it through 15 intense weeks filled with alliances, betrayals, fights, hunger, joy, sadness, desperation, and all-out competition, the three survivors will embark on the final stretch in a season of La Isla unlike any other. For the first time in the history of La Isla, three previously unknown contestants have made it to the finale. They are three warriors with great physical stamina and the mental strength to survive the harsh conditions of the wild southern Nicaraguan coast. In a terrain marked by forests and volcanoes, the biggest challenges to overcome were a scarcity of food and water as well as a lack of shelter. Delia, Francisco and Enrique, three fighters whose courage was on display in the challenges they faced, are bringing all of their determination to win in this unprecedented rivalry. This Saturday, all will be decided in the most dangerous challenge of the competition. This will mark an end to the exciting reality show in which actors Armando Torrea, Sylvia Sáenz, Fernando Alonso, Gabriela Vergara, Víctor González, and Bárbara de Regil; athletes Julio César Chávez, Nara Falcón, Dr. Wagner, and Jimena Ochoa; singer and host Regina Murguía; musician and record producer Chacho Gaytán; and previously unknown contestants Carla Arredondo, Luisito Rey, and Andrea Riquelme all fell one by one. The grand finale is this Saturday at 2pm /1pm C/7pm P on Azteca America.