Daniel Morales, Riot Games

Great opportunity for alliances with traditional TV
Aliana González|17 de diciembre de 2020

Daniel Morales, Partnership & Alliances manager of Riot Games Latin America, spoke about the importance of television, due to its penetration in the market and capacity to boost audiences. He spoke during Esports Talks Brand Collaboration organized jointly by AMC Networks International - Latin America and PRODU.

“Television continues to be a dominant media; its ratings are the highest as well as its penetration. We have made several alliances with networks and it has been super successful in every way,” he said, after referring to cases such as TV Azteca in Mexico or Signal Colombia in Colombia.

He explained that it is a myth that if the content is available on YouTube or Twitch, it is not valued by the public on open TV or cable. “In the case of TV Azteca, LLA (Latin American League) is treated as any other sport on the news. In the medium or long term, it will be part of the content of the Mexican open TV,” he said, after noting that in Chile they already have an agreement with a cable channel, while in Colombia LLA is broadcasted on weekends as a one-hour sports segment.

“When we announced that we were going to appear on open television in Colombia, it was a milestone. We see a great opportunity to create alliances with traditional television because it is valuable content that adds value.”

In Brazil, they have an alliance with Esport TV, which is the largest sports channel in the country.