Carlos Murguía of Televisa said that it is essential to evolve, test, and experiment, mainly on pay-TV

Greater possibility of experimenting on pay-TV
17 de diciembre de 2019

Carlos Murguía, an executive producer of Televisa and Special Contents at TUDN, said on #VisitaPRODU that it is essential to evolve, test, and experiment, mainly on pay-TV.

He began his career on Telehit and developed fiction series, then he assumed the direction of the company and transformed it into a laboratory to experiment with formats and drive the interaction. "It was key to redesign the channel," he added, emphasizing the strategy he uses as a guide that is thinking about the commercial model with creative proposals. For the producer, on pay-TV, there is a greater possibility of experimenting and testing formats and contents.

The experience of the Russia World Cup 2018 opened the path for a project on which he is now working and that will be launched in 2020 on TUDN: a format of storytelling, biographies, and myths around the sport, recreated with actors. "I was offered the possibility of doing a hybrid between what I like--entertainment and fiction--as well as sports, which has never been an area of interest for me, and this was a great challenge. This project comes from there and I think that in the sports content market there are no contents like this."

As a producer on Televisa, he is determined to “develop concepts and explore techniques for entertainment postproduction as well as the redesign of formats. All the projects we are thinking about come with commercial input from the origin."

In the light of the changes the industry is undergoing with the arrival of increasingly more OTTs, the producer assures that even though distribution mechanisms change, they will maintain the strategy of producing carefully-made productions. Open TV, he maintains, will always have an audience. He is clear about the challenges for Televisa: "To see how we start to design new exercises that make commercial sense, make those changes fast and redesign work systems to make all the business areas more collaborative."

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