The Messenger will feature Millán shifting his focus from the behavior of dogs to helping people who are making a difference

Groupe AB and Televisa USA´s Chris Phillp have signed César Millán to host English-language series The Messenger for the global TV market
11 de octubre de 2016

French broadcasting, production and distribution company Groupe AB, teaming with Televisa USA’s Chris Philip, announced it has signed César Millan to host its first English-language series for the global TV market, The Messenger.

From AB Productions and renowned wildlife production company Boréales (producers of the original French version), the new series will be executive produced by Millán, Chris Philip, Frederic Fougea, Richard Maroko and Bob Aniello.

Groupe AB will launch worldwide pre-sales for the series at Mipcom. It will offer six one-hour episodes of the unique wildlife/adventure docutainment format, which combines one major star and one extraordinary animal with a moving and captivating message to save the planet’s most endangered species.

To maintain the high quality of the original French version, the new series will be co-produced by Frederic Fougea’s Boréales, considered to be one of the most prestigious wildlife producers and directors.

The Messenger will feature Millán, a best-selling author, educator and the internationally acclaimed star of César 911 and host of the Dog Whisperer, shifting his focus from the behavior of dogs to helping people who are making a difference.

In each dramatic outing, he will venture to spectacular natural habitats, putting the spotlight on conservationists risking their lives every day to rescue and rehabilitate the most critically endangered animals on the planet from their most dangerous enemy: humans.

“With our strong production and strategic partner Televisa USA, we have landed a proven international star with César who can apply the same exceptional abilities and talent he has demonstrated on his hit series to help spread the word about one of our most passionate causes – the fight to save endangered species,” said Richard Maroko, senior EVP Programmes for Groupe AB.

Televisa USA’s Chris Philip added, “Hundreds of countries worldwide respect César's expert voice, and now dozens of animal species in jeopardy of extinction will benefit from it and from his remarkable global reach.”