Havas Group Accelerates Its Transformation By Taking Integration A Step Further

15 de julio de 2022

To better support brands' ever-changing needs, Havas Group today announces the start of a new chapter, through the simplification of its organization and the deeper integration of its Global Creative and Health Networks.

Following the launch of its Together strategy, which has contributed deeply to transforming the Group and making it the most integrated company in the communications industry, Havas Group has led the market by putting meaningfulness at the core of its ambition, a priority that is now shared by advertisers, partners and also by peers.

As a response to the continued evolution of brands across categories and to continue to build on this success, a deeper integration of the Global Creative and Health Networks will simplify the Group's organization, accelerate its transformation, and strengthen its agility to meet clients' ever-changing needs.

To drive this evolution, Donna Murphy is today appointed the leader of Havas' Creative Group, in addition to her role as Global CEO of Havas Health & You. Murphy has over three decades of tremendous success in executive leadership in communications. Starting her career at Goldman Sachs, she joined Havas Group 35 years ago, when she led several US acquisitions for the group as part of their M&A team before taking a leadership role of the then newly founded health agency. Since then, health and wellness has risen to the top of the global cultural ethos, and she has expanded the organization to be the world's largest health and wellness network with the help and collaboration of her expert leadership team. Murphy, who also serves on the Havas Group Executive Committee, has played a vital role in shaping the Havas Group to date and will continue her close collaboration with the Media Global Network led by Peter Mears.

Yannick Bolloré states, "Havas Group is stronger than ever today thanks to the teams' unfailing ability to reinvent themselves. We will build on this momentum and further deepen the integration between our business units to provide our clients, partners and talent with even more agile and streamlined collaboration.

Through her proven leadership, Donna has built the prototype for the end-to-end consultative partner that brands need today. Layered with our creative force and talented leadership teams, what we can offer health and consumer brands alike is powerful. Donna's spirit of service, compassion and inclusive leadership not only fits the needs of our partners but will play a major role in us continuing our mission of making a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people."

Donna Murphy states, "I'm deeply honored to expand my impact with this great company and group of outstanding leaders. The key determinant of any great partnership is a sum that is greater than both parts. Bringing together the exceptional global brand leadership of Havas Health & You with the dynamic creative talent and unique blend of assets in the Creative Group produces something truly unique for our client partners and teams across the globe. This combination is only strengthened by the lockstep integration with our skilled media specialists and support and collaboration of the Vivendi family. The result is a unified, best-in-class agency offering with unmatched capabilities that will work across disciplines to support the success of the world's best and brightest brands across categories."