Mar Enríquez-Macías and Valeria Macías-Flores

Grupo Macías is celebrating 50 years and is undergoing a restructuring to continue at the forefront of the dubbing industry.
Maribel Ramos-Weiner |10 de mayo de 2018

“We are always offering the best quality, and we must always reinvent and renew ourselves by internally restructuring in order to cater to the new needs of the industry. In fact, we are currently undergoing a restructuring to pinpoint the steps we must take to continue at the forefront of the industry, in both technology and quality,” explained Mar Enriquez-Macías, EVP of Grupo Macías.

The company has studios in Mexico, Brazil (São Paulo) and Miami. Miami is the newest office where they host two dubbing studios for English localization with the potential for immediate expansion.

“It is important to be prepared and be able to expand at any moment. Although it is not good to have idle studios, you cannot limit your possibilities in case a client might need to produce more volume. We are currently localizing hundreds of hours of dubbing per year into Spanish, and English, but we are prepared to expand in case a client has a Legacy series, as they call it, that wasn´t dubbed,” added Enriquez-Macías.

“We are now dubbing series that are on TV and on OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. It is a challenge because there is so much content, but we want it all. We are a group that can offer something to everyone,” said Valeria Macías-Flores, COO of Grupo Macías.

At their Brazil studios, they have five recording rooms and a new mixing room for theatricals, in Mexico they count with 35 dubbing rooms and a theatrical recording and mixing room certified by Dolby so they can mix natively in 5.1, 7.1 and very soon in Dolby Atmos, and in Miami, two dubbing rooms for English dubbing with plans to open more in 2019.

For Grupo Macías it is very important to highlight security when processing content. “We want to give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their content is completely protected,” they mentioned.