Gulin Ustun, founder of Gu-Film Turkey

Gu-Film: We are evaluating the possibility of making co-productions for series and films with markets like the Mexican

Vanessa Maldonado, Guanajuato|31 de julio de 2015

Turkey was the guest country in the 18th edition of the International Film Festival in Guanajuato (Mexico), where the space Series Lab was opened for Mexican and Turkish directors, producers, and writers. There, they spoke about the importance that TV series are acquiring in both countries and their link to film. And they also expressed their interest in making co-productions. “TV products and the way they are consumed is changing in Turkey. Viewers´ attention span is shorter, people watch briefer series and films, they want everything to be faster; new things are happening and we want to be part of it. We are analyzing the co-production market to have new scripts and plots. In the past we didn't pay much attention to TV series, but we´ve had meetings and are now considering a more serious approach. We have products that are seen in countries like Chile and are aiming to create workshops with Mexicans on the topic”, commented Gulin Ustun, founder of Gu-Film Turkey. Ustun added that there are similarities between Turkey and Latin America, mainly “in our reactions to things that are happening in the world, they are very similar, although we have different traditions and religions. When we sit down at the table, I see that the food I like is in Mexican homes and films. We must start working together and expect results”.