Guadalajara Film Festival chose 8 series projects for a pitching event with executives from the main companies

Guadalajara Film Festival opens for the first time a space for fiction series projects
21 de marzo de 2019

The Industria FICG program opened for the first time a space for Latin American fiction series projects. In the summon to participate in FICG TV Pitchbox, they had more than 200 projects, out of which only eight works were chosen, including two Mexican ones, two Chileans, an Argentinean, and one in animation.

The pitching event focused on Latin American fiction series in the development phase, will take place on March 13 in the context of the Industria FICG. Executives from Alazraki Films, Amazon Prime Video, Argos, Dopamine, Dynamo, EndemolShine Boomdog, Fabula, Fox Networks Group Latin America, HBO Latin America, Lemon Studios, Mediapro, Telefónica Media Networks or Turner, will listen to proposals.

The selection is comprised by Kiched Out, created by Jacopo Fontana, written by Jacopo Fontana and Tereza Suárez, directed by Everardo Gout and produced by Ozcar Ramirez (Arte Mecánica); Manual de Supervivencia, created, written and directed by Victoria Galardi, written by Paula Schiselman, produced by Nathalia Videla Peña and Juan Pablo Gugliotta (Magma Cine); Mayo Rebelde, created and written by Paula Parra Bruna; Puente de Plata, created by Alvaro Cabello, Leonora González and Sergio Gándara; written and directed by Enrique Videla, produced by Sergio Gándara and Leonora González (PAROX); Tenebris, created and written by David Figueroa and Mauricio Leiva, directed by Ed Sánchez, produced by Fidelio Films; Trauco, created by Pablo Donoso, Nicolás Maynetto and Osvaldo Muraro, written by Nicolás Maynetto and Osvaldo Muraro, directed by Nicolás Maynetto, produced by Cristián Donoso (Machete Film & Content); Ugamú, created by Fabián Guamaní, Ingrid Schulze Benavides, Miguel Rumanzew, Yuly Velasco and Fabiola Zurita, written and directed by Fabián Guamaní Aldaz, produced by Casa Productora Retrogusto Films, and Villa Santa, created and directed by Sergio Siruela, written by Sergio Siruela, Jesús Prieto and Gabriela Ivette Sandavol, produced by Alex Balassa (Balassa Films SA from CV).

There will also be a case study from the series Diablo Guardián, with its producers Ramiro Ruiz and José Nacif.