Gustavo Lauria

Gustavo Lauria of We Believers as Innovation jury president at #FIAP 2022: Prizewinning ads must boost brand sales, not just solve some other problem
Liz Unamo|24 de mayo de 2022

Gustavo Lauria, CCO and founder of We Believers, speaking as president of the Innovation jury at #FIAP 2022, warned of three essential rules for judging entries in that category.

“The first rule is that the innovation must be useful, whether for selling the product or service, or for resolving an existing problem relevant to the brand. That is key – the solution must strengthen the brand and not just offer a solution for something unrelated. The second is that ideally it will keep the brand growing, and is consequently not a short-term measure. And the third – very important – it must be something a creative would dream up, and is in some way based on common sense and general knowledge,” Lauria said.

The importance of the Innovation category is that the industry seeks to contribute new sales solutions by means of creative work, “using client budgets to give something back to the public and the planet.” The danger, he continued, is caused by work that far from solving problems or providing benefits is only out to win prizes. “That should never happen and must be disqualified.”

Trends continue to be the same, the creative maintained, but some are more prominent than others. “Inclusion, equal opportunities, environmental protection and improving the lives of the disabled - those have been the worthiest trends for some years now. Added to those can now be considered dealing with the dangers to mental health from overwork or a lack of human interaction.”

He believes that ideas are most important as long as they have a goal in sight. “Without forgetting that we play a creative role for society and the planet, we also have a basic idea that consists of winning business for the clients we work for.”