Gustavo Lauría, CCO and Co-Founder at We Believers

Gustavo Lauría From We Believers: The U.S. Hispanic Market Has Greater Influence In The General Market
Cristian Vergara, Cartagena / Liz Unamo|20 de septiembre de 2017

The CCO and Co-Founder at We Believers, Gustavo Lauría, has his debut as a conference speaker in the second edition of the Cartagena Inspira Festival, in the Creativity and Innovation panel.

In conversations with PRODU, he highlights the active participation of regional agencies and brands oriented towards innovation, such as the talk delivered by Omar Carrión, Director of Communications Integrated Marketing at Kellogg Latin America.

“Cartagena Inspira sounds like a very powerful event and is big compared to others in the region” commented Lauría.

Traditionally, the Hispanic market has learned a lot from Latin America. “It is very fresh and flexible, in things related to our culture and that shows in advertising.” He warns that, as opposed to Latin America, where the local fiber is touched, the Hispanic market must look for the points in common between the two cultures. “The big challenge is how to be popular without falling into stereotypes. Latin America is a good inspiration.”

He adds that the Hispanic market is increasingly international and has greater influence in the general market. “Our way to tell and to talk is starting to be replicable, and for agencies in Latin America it is a good reference to follow, because they always have the possibility of doing regional work.”

The Latin American Effies are a business opportunity for the Hispanic market. “There are Hispanic agencies that do work for the region, which is good as a business opportunity. The Effies talk to clients and that is key.”