Gustavo Lauría, CCO and Co-Founder at We Believers

Gustavo Lauría From We Believers: To Be A Titanium Jury At Cannes Lions Was Spectacular

Mara Fernández / Cannes|26 de junio de 2017

Gustavo Lauría, CCO and Co-Founder at We Believers, debuted as a Juror in Cannes in one of the festival's most important categories: Titanium. Here is where the best pieces of the festival are acknowledged, those that change paradigms in the industry. "For me it was spectacular. I was surrounded by people who really know a lot. A very diverse jury, from completely different countries, and that showed. I defended some things fervently, to the point they ended up calling me "The Fearless Boy" because I wanted to review the entire voting process 20 times and that was truly very good" he said.

According to Lauría, the balanced presence of men and women in the jury helped very much. “I defended the piece Boost Your Voice, I felt it had to be Grand Prix, but there was a point in which having five female jurors was very useful to understand why Fearless Girl deserved the Grand Prix” he explained.

The creative celebrated there was no one shoving one or another idea, nor anyone pressing for a specific country, everyone was aligned looking for the best work. The criteria to choose the pieces to be awarded was that they “were something permanent, something that paves the path in advertising, an example of how it is supposed to be done. We were looking for pieces that end up being advertising but are not, because they break the barriers of what we know” he added.