Gustavo Lauría, Co-Founder and CCO at We Believers

Gustavo Lauría from We Believers: There Is A Small Agency Trend That Engages Intelligent Clients

Liz Unamo|14 de noviembre de 2016

We Believers announces it's venturing into a new stage and understands that all its incorporations are going to be in the New York office. That is what Gustavo Lauría, Co-Founder and CCO said in an interview with PRODU.

“It is very good, because the direct exchange greatly helps to generate agency culture." He added that the creative vision they will try to communicate will keep clients motivated "it is what we always try to do: ideas that work strategically and always generate results."

Part of the agency's philosophy is co-creation of content. “We don't believe in ideas that only serve the client, but in those that serve both. It is a good incentive for someone who really wants to be a creative. It has to do with building the most valuable thing you have that is your criteria, because you understand how to do it."

There is a trend in that increasingly more small agencies are being opened, states Lauría. This is related with market growth and internationalization of creatives outside the Hispanic border. He warns that aside from this phenomenon, clients have appreciated this growth, because they have valued the effort of agency personnel. "Intelligent clients are going to tell you they prefer working with the CCO and not with 10% of his attention focused on ten different clients. This is a benefit of small agencies, because they have people working exclusively on their brand."