Gustavo Lauría

Gustavo Lauria of We Believers: The biggest word today is data

Liz Unamo|23 de mayo de 2019

According to Gustavo Lauría, co-founder and CCO of We Believers, “the biggest word today is data. When used the right way, it helps create ideas, not replace them. It ensures more accuracy in achieving the kind of results that, together with Marco Vega, we have been synthesizing since we started We Believers.”

He said the response capability of good Hispanic agencies is on the rise with "projects that are born in the Hispanic market and reach the general market, that reach accounts entirely handled by multicultural agencies, and creativity that expands at a regional level throughout Latin America and globally." He added that We Believers not only finds leverage in Hispanicity but also in "how we solve marketing problems with big ideas."

We Believers currently has clients in Latin America, such as Burger King Mexico and global; Pepsico Argentina and LatAm; and Avon Mexico, but due to its structure, many of the ideas come from New York.

“This is a truly strong relationship based on good work, results, and clients’ trust. Distance doesn’t matter to clients - what matters is creating something memorable and effective. And that translates into more possibilities of launching all types of truly creative campaigns and for winning new clients outside our U.S. market."

He believes the creative signature of Hispanic agencies is flexibility and speed, something he calls "Latinly ours," combined with the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. approach.

Gustavo Lauria´s statements are part of PRODU´s annual report in the 2019 Cannes Lions Daily News, to be published during the event.

The agency is competing in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with Traffic Jam Whopper for Burger King.