Gustavo Lauria of We Believers: I look for ideas that can give something back to our viewers
05 de agosto de 2021

After winning his agency’s first Titanium Lion for the Corona campaign The Match of Ages, Gustavo Lauría, cofounder & CCO of We Believers, spoke with PRODU’s FastFWD about the special Cannes Lions edition on the Hispanic market regarding what this award means to the agency, and what it was like for the creative group to work with that client, and how the idea was developed.

“Winning the first Titanium in the Hispanic market represents what the Hispanic market is capable of. We want our work to express our way of thinking. I always look for ideas that can give something back to our viewers and at the same time give businesses a boost. In an ideal world, of course, these ideas should be applicable for other uses” Lauria said.

In the case of The Match of Ages, he recalled that funds were combined to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico, and at the same time were applicable to other platforms, other disciplines and other sports around the world.

As for the experience of working with Corona, he said that in no way could there be a “better client,” since its staff members are true believers in creativity.

“We got really crazy. We proposed editing a 90-minute game with clips of classic moments in soccer history. And they believed we could do it. We all had the same goal, which was to bring back soccer to Mexicans in a way they deserved" he explained.

Finally, Lauria recalled that the idea grow from the first moment he talked with the client, adding that he also found a perfect partner in Televisa, since they had rights to videos of professional soccer matches covering at least the past 50 years.

“We managed to create a soccer match beyond what we had planned. This is a game that fans might want to see and that mexicans were able to see it” Lauria said.

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