Gustavo Razzetti, Founder of Liberationist

Gustavo Razzetti from Liberationist: How Leaders Break Free From The Illusion Of Power
20 de julio de 2017

The Founder of Liberationist, Gustavo Razzetti, wrote an article on his blog titled: This time is not your call Let Go of Power, in which he speaks of the importance of delegating decision-making and how difficult it is to do it. He highlighted that making decisions requires wisdom, but in most organizations this action is linked to power or hierarchy. "Unfortunately, power and wisdom don’t get along very well. Power struggles blind a leader’s common sense. When who makes the decision becomes more important than the decision itself, don’t expect a wise outcome" he said.

However, for Razzetti there is a paradox in all this. “Making decisions is like freedom. Everyone wants it but they don’t know what to do with it once they get it.” The only way for others in the team to assume this responsibility is for them to learn how to do it, and for that, the expert recommends leaders to move aside, for example, by choosing a project in which they assign someone else the final decision.

Leaders must learn to free themselves from the illusion of power. Razzetti recommends using the following questions to practice delegating: How would you describe yourself as a decision-maker? What role do power and authority play in your life? How did it feel to let go of decision making? Were you able to let go? Or did you try to influence behind the scenes?