Gustavo Razzetti, Founder at Liberationist
Gustavo Razzetti From Liberationist: Turn A Pause Into A High-Performing Act
04 de mayo de 2017

Gustavo Razzetti, Founder at Liberationist, wrote a post in Thrive Global, where he talks about the importance of pausing as the most productive time that you can manage. “The best ideas don't happen when you are busy letting your calendar dictate your work. Creativity tends to show up when we are doing nothing and not at meetings. A pause is a moment for reflection. To notice things” he wrote.

The same that happens with a white space that helps us see the rest of the elements, a pause amplifies our perspectives. “Pausing provides a learning experience” he explained. But our society values busyness and it's perceived as a synonym of productivity, he said. “Quantity seems to be more important than quality. Working more hours matters more than the final product or outcome. If time is the unit to make money, then working more is all that counts.”

For Razzetti, all these beliefs are based on the principle that working more is the formula for success, and that the same formula will work for anyone in any situation.

Learning to value “pausing” is not a motivational gimmick, Razzetti said, a pause provokes a change of behavior. “Silence in music is so important and fundamental like a white canvas for a painter, the pauses in between words for a poet, stillness for a ballet dancer or empty spaces for an architect. What's your pause? What does it mean to you? How can it help turn your work into art? Turn a pause into a high-performing act” he concluded.