Gustavo Razzetti, Founder of the Change Leadership School, Liberationist

Gustavo Razzetti Presents His Book: Stretch For Change
30 de junio de 2017

Gustavo Razzetti, Founder of the Change Leadership School, Liberationist, presented last week his book, Stretch for Change. In this title, he presents the paradox of how people want to change but have a hard time changing. The goal of the book is to prepare individuals, teams and organizations to prosper in change.

“Change is threatening for most people. The good news is that both individuals and organizations can prepare for it. Just as athletes train their bodies to be fitter, people can train their mindsets and behaviors. It's not easy, but it's worth the effort" points out the author.

According to a global McKinsey study, 70% of corporate transformation programs fail. The two key reasons have to do with people: employee resistance to change and management behaviors that do not support the change.

“Most organizations pay lip service to transformation and do nothing to prepare their teams for change” explains Razzetti. “Adaptability is the new competitive advantage but it requires equipping teams with much more than inspirational words.”

The book challenges traditional change management theories with a down-to-earth and human-centric approach. It stimulates readers to get out and experiment. Key ideas such as "Organizations waste time solving insignificant problems" and "Everyone has the potential to become a changemaker" can be found in Stretch for Change.