Let’s Talk Advertising, the new Adsmovil podcast by PRODU
29 de marzo de 2021

The new monthly program Hablemos de publicidad is moderated by Adsmovil founder and CEO Alberto Pardo, who talks with industry leaders about the most relevant matters affecting their business.

The first episode was titled Advertising Legislation: Privacy of the User, Advertising’s New Normal, and had as its guest Eric Tourtel, CEO of Teads Latin America. Pardo and Tourtel analyzed the global context, opportunities and warnings to be considered in order to achieve strategic success in a disrupted industry undergoing vast changes.

The growing evolution of digital strategies has led to a quickly changing discussion that generally ends up questioning the ethical and legal limits of brands on the Internet. Up to what point can advertisers use the online information of users? What is the role of local governments? Should they impose regulations? Should they unite? And if that’s the way things stand, what is really the user’s role?

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