Hannia Novell, anchor of the newscast Es Noticia

Hannia Novell from TV Azteca: As part of the reinvention, Canal 40 becomes ADN 40 starting March 13

10 de marzo de 2017

As part of the reinvention announced in 2016 by Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca, Canal 40 becomes ADN 40, under the slogan Información de ida y vuelta, 24/7 signal, and the first in Latin America in this format for open TV.

Hannia Novell, anchor of the newscast Es Noticia, aired on this signal from Monday to Friday at 8pm, explained that it will be a channel with real current information, “with analysis, information, and debate programming.”

She mentioned that it is the first news channel in Latin America that will be on the air in open TV, and with this change they will be supported on technology, “so we will have virtual reality and augmented reality; with characters that will be there on the screen, but through this technology. Graphs will run on 3D”.