Bernadette Rivero
We must alter the system for there to be diversity in the industry: Bernadette Rivero of Cortez Brothers
01 de noviembre de 2020

For the industry to operate honorably in terms of diversity, the system must be changed, according to Bernadette Rivero, president of Cortez Brothers. She wonders what happens to diversity in so many other production companies when they hire their teams and directors.

“My last production team was made up of 70 percent minorities, multiple Latino directors and half women. This is standard for a Cortez Brothers´ production, because we represent the minority element that so often gets left out," Rivero said.

She tells customers and particularly brands that “you must realize that when you address and establish this way of working, everything changes - it all becomes much more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity and gender."
Statements by Bernadette Rivero of Cortez Brothers are from the October edition of FastFWD.