Pico de Neblina (10x60')

HBO Latin America’s original series Pico de Neblina debuts on HBO Latino in the U.S.

08 de agosto de 2019

Pico de Neblina, a new original series from HBO Latin America, debuts on HBO Latino on August 9 at 10pm ET, and will also be available on HBO Now, HBO GO, HBO On Demand, and partners’ streaming platforms.

The 10-episode series is the latest original programming made available to U.S. subscribers from HBO’s international partners, and joins El Jardín de Bronce and PSI from HBO Latin America, Folklore and Grisse from HBO Asia, and Hackerville, Blinded by the Lights, and Success from HBO Europe, which are all available to stream now.

Taking place in a fictional São Paulo, where marijuana has just been legalized, the series follows Biriba (Luis Navarro), a former drug dealer who attempts to put his criminal past behind him and use his knowledge to sell the product legally with the help of a former client and inexperienced business partner. With the weight of his past on his shoulders, Biriba must deal with countless challenges in the business world, which includes keeping his relationship with his best friend, Salim, who continues to breach the law, and the responsibilities of supporting his mother, sister, and nieces. Set against the backdrop of Brazil’s largest metropolis in a never-before-seen way, class, race, and familial relationships are at the forefront of this story.

The HBO Latin America original production is told under the general direction of Quico Meirelles, along with directors Fernando Meirelles, Luis Carone, and Rodrigo Pesavento, with scripts by Cauê Laratta, Chico Mattoso, Marcelo Starobinas, and Mariana Trench. The series is produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Eduardo Zaca for HBO Latin America Originals, Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel Berlinck and Fernando Meirelles for O2 Films.