El Jardín de Bronce (8x60’)

HBO Latino debuts El Jardín de Bronce on Friday, June 30th at 10pm ET
08 de junio de 2017

HBO Latino announces the exclusive premiere of the new original production acquired from HBO Latin America El Jardín de Bronce (8x60’), based on the best-selling novel by Gustavo Malajovich. The series premieres on Friday, June 30th at 10pm ET.

El Jardín de Bronce follows architect Fabián Danubio’s desperate struggle to get his daughter back after she mysteriously disappears without a trace. Faced with the lack of help from the police, Fabián —played by Furriel—takes matters into his own hands.

The quest for answers becomes his purpose in life, giving him an objective that becomes an endless obsession. The story forms an intersection between the lines of investigation, its characters and the Buenos Aires urban backdrop. Fabián finds himself facing an overwhelming world where he will need to reinvent himself to face a nightmare that becomes reality. Time, fate and the notion of the perfect crime all play vital roles in this story of suspense.

El Jardín de Bronce, shot entirely in Argentina, brings the country’s best stars into one production. Hernán Goldfrid and Pablo Fendrik co-directed El Jardín de Bronce, the screenplay was created by the author himself, Malajovich, along with Marcos Osorio Vidal, and Marcelo Salvioli was in charge of the art direction.

The talented cast includes Joaquín Furriel, Luis Luque, Julieta Zylberberg, Gerardo Romano, and Romina Paula, among others. This great production from HBO Latin America stands out not only for its fascinating script and stellar cast, but also for its high-quality production in 4K and the depiction of various locations throughout Buenos Aires transform each scene into another protagonist of the story.