El Perro y El Gato

HBO Latino debuts news episodes of El Perro y El Gato
06 de septiembre de 2011

HBO Latino launches new programming in September. Among the premieres are the new season of Capadocia, 16 new movies for the Estrenos Latinos block and several new specials as El Perro y El Gato: Sigue Soñando y The Latino List, as well as the best Hollywood movies and HBO´s original programming in Spanish. Featuring lots of vibrant colors, catchy music and plenty of attitude, El Perro y El Gato shows the friends in their daily routines as they tackle problems and mount wonderful adventures that create non-stop fun and laughter – all the while teaching kids how to speak in English and in Spanish. New episodes of El Perro y El Gato returns to HBO Latino on September 15th at 7am and on HBO Family September 18th at 6:30pm. El Perro y El Gato is an animated special originally produced by HBO Latino. The creators are Elaine Brown, Alberto Ferreras and Chrissie Hines. The writers of the series are Paco Correa and Chrissie Hines.