Roberto Ríos, Corporate Original Productions VP at HBO Latin America

HBO: We have been working for two years on the project Mil Colmillos in Colombia
26 de junio de 2018

Roberto Ríos, Corporate Original Productions VP at HBO Latin America, gave a small summary or synopsis of the company´s first fiction made in Colombia, titled Mil Colmillos.

''The series is about two elite teams from the Colombian army, who receive the mission of finishing off an unknown leader of a militia in the Amazon jungle. When they are about to catch him, they start to be attacked by something strange that lives in the jungle and have to seek protection from it. There, we will learn about each of the characters and their way of surviving,” said the executive.

''Approximately a couple of years ago, Federico Durán de Rhayuela and Jaime Osorio—director and writer of the series—arrived with the project. Osorio´s vision of the project was very attractive because it deals with topics he handles very well, such as soldiers, the jungle, life, such as when he directed El Páramo''.

Ríos also mentioned the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the debut of HBO´s first production in Latin America, Epitafios, in Argentina. ''We have achieved amazing things in these years. Contents didn’t use to travel, they used to be more local. Now we have original series made in the region that are placed in more than 80 countries,” he ended.