Carolina Bilbao: Part of my job is to get new stories for the pipeline of very strategic films to feed Cinelatino and Pantaya  

Hemisphere: Delighted by the diversity of projects
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de marzo de 2021

Thirteen pitches, ranging from drama, sports, thriller, and comedy series to action and historical films, were presented for consideration of Hemisphere Media Group on Wednesday 17 of the first WAWA Business Forum. Some projects were presented as completed products and others in development.

Carolina Bilbao, VP of Programming, and Valeria Viera, associate producer, were responsible for evaluating the materials by Hemisphere.

“Part of my job is to find where to invest and get new stories for the pipeline of very strategic films to feed Cinelatino and Pantaya. These movies can come from all over the region. There are concepts presented today that are very interesting. There is a lot of diversity, I sent a brief to WAWA and I think everything was taken into account. I’m leaving the event excited and very well fed,” said Bilbao.

María Elena Useche, from High Hill Entertainment, and María Eugenia Muci, Onceloops Production Director, were the moderators.

Among the projects is the dramatic comedy Cora, by the Tres Mares production company, presented by María Eugenia Ferrer, producer. and Érika Rozek, screenwriter; the police biopic Principio de incertidumbre, by the screenwriter, director and producer of Inocencia Cero, Victoria Chaya Miranda; and El secreto detrás de la Copa, which was presented as the first franchise of sports fiction series, by Vanessa Velásquez, commercial manager of Spring Media.

The screenwriter and director Ana Piterbarg presented her third film, La Invasión Blanca, of the production house Bikini Films. It is a Bolivian-Chilean co-production and is in negotiations with a European production house. The script participated in Ventana de Cine Madrileño and received support from Ibermedia.

Ana Jaramillo, a producer from Medellín, Colombia, presented the series on the life of Débora Arango, consisting of ten 24-minute episodes.