Jim McNamara, VP of Hemisphere Media Group

Hemisphere: The next 12 months will be very active for our production company in Mexico.
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de marzo de 2019

Hemisphere´s production company, directed by Ana Celia Urquidi, is working actively and there are three projects that will get a green light in the next few weeks, according to Jim McNamara, VP of Hemisphere. 

“The next 12 months will be very active for the production company in Mexico. As a business, we have a very good situation: there are many who are producing in Mexico and many of these projects need a partner in the US. Most of these productions are more oriented to cable and OTT, they do not have 60 to 80 episodes, but 8 to 10 instead. We are a very attractive ally for partners in Latin America who do not have a platform in the US. Many of the projects we are doing are with PantaYA, and have a second window with Cinelatino in the US, but there are also with Amazon, Claro, Turner, Viacom, FOX, there is a big group that has nothing similar in the US,” explained McNamara.

He added that with the new production company, Hemisphere can offer production services and with a financial partner in the US that covers the different windows. “There are a lot of business opportunities," he emphasized.

He recalled that the series El Desconocido, whose second seasons had its debut last Sunday, March 17 on Cinelatino in the US, has Netflix as its first window in Latin America, and in 15 to 18 months the open TV window will be available in the region and throughout the US. "Everyone is familiar with the product because it had very good performance when Cinelatino had its first season in the US,” he said.