Ariel Tobi, CEO of Snap and SVP, Distribution and Programming at Hemisphere

Hemisphere: The partnership with MarVista to produce in Mexico turns us into the best partners
23 de noviembre de 2018

Hemisphere Media Group continues growing. After the purchase of Snap's production company, now they are partnering with MarVista to begin producing in Mexico under a company that will soon be ready and will have Ana Celia Urquidi, former TV Azteca, as its leader.

“This turns us into the best partners. We want to produce series in Spanish and in English and open the doors to all the talent with this new production company led by Ana Celia, who is a production machine,” said Ariel Tobi, CEO of Snap and Senior Distribution and Programming VP at Hemisphere.

According to the producer, these new alliances turn the group into unique partners for projects in the region. “We have a unique proposal because we join everything we have in rights we control in the US, through Hemisphere and MarVista, with strategic partners in Latin America that do not control the US and also want to enter with their products. There exists a spectacular union.”

Tobi recently moved to Miami, reported that the details of this new company project will be presented at Natpe in January.