Ana Celia Urquidi

Hemisphere: We are all in a hurry to have our products on online platforms
Marcela Tedesco|22 de enero de 2019

Ana Celia Urquidi, who is heading Hemisphere and Marvista's production company in Mexico, expressed that they will produce not only for Hemisphere windows but for all the platforms that exist and will appear in the market. "We would like to be on those platforms with series, miniseries and TV movies,” she explained.

Urquidi, who has been part of the golden age of Mexican telenovela has the opinion that even though Turkish dramas have managed to have the place they have in Mexico and other countries gradually produced less classic telenovelas, melodrama persists and telenovelas continue to be produced. "It's just that now they are shorter," she pointed out.

On the other hand, she highlighted that, as opposed to on the air, everything that is produced for platforms remains available for a certain period. "I think this has been an attraction for those of us who do television. You don't need to have the sword of Damocles of the air, because air "eats you up". And that is an advantage both for actors and for those of us who do television," she added.

We aren't in such a rush to produce, but there is haste in reaching the market with a product that online platforms want to buy. "In these moments we all want to do series or miniseries or a project for these platforms to have on their programming. The rush isn't so much to make it but to be there."