Jeremy Zimmer, CEO, United Talent Agency

High US executives renounce their salaries
31 de marzo de 2020

The CEO of United Talent Agency, Jeremy Zimmer, and the co-presidents David Kramer and Jay Sures announced that their company is going to make salary reductions to face the current crisis the industry is going through due to the coronavirus. These reductions start with them.

These three executives have renounced to their salary for the remainder of 2020 and indicated that the rest of the employees are going to have reductions proportional to the amount each one generates, being the best paid the ones who will have the greatest salary reduction.

“Like other companies in our industry, UTA is taking difficult measures to ensure that we will overcome this health and economic crisis the best way possible. Along with an aggressive cost cut, we ask our colleagues in each different level and the department to reduce their salaries in a structured way, so that the seniors who earn the most have the greatest financial sacrifice".

These measures are being taken to prevent redundancies after the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus worldwide. Some companies have fired up to the sixth part of their personnel.

“Comprehension and support from our colleagues have been very rewarding, as they understand that these measures are to ensure the long term operation of the company. Although we don´t know what the future holds in store for us, we are committed to being honest and transparent about where we are standing and go through this moment together," said the board of directors of the UTA.