Joe Uva, president, and CEO of the Hispanicize Media Group (HMG)

Hispanicize Media Group: Our platform will help brands identify what influencers to use

Manuela Walfenzao|27 de febrero de 2018

Joe Uva, president, and CEO of the Hispanicize Media Group (HMG) said about his new artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, Athena Prime, that although it is a new product, it has already been used successfully by the likes of Milk Life, Walmart, Univision, and Tropicana.

“A few months ago, we made a strategic investment in this unique technology platform that answers all the questions advertisers might have, ranging from brand security to content visibility. And what really makes it unique is how it can help brands identify what influencers they should be using” Uva said.

The platform is based on the language used by influencers, whether on video, audio or a blog post, to determine what resonates best with audiences, and so recommend the most appropriate profiles. “This has the advantage of reducing content creation costs for the brand because the platform recommends the fewest number of influencers necessary to reach the target” he added.

The platform also creates similarly qualified audiences. This results in amplification and at the same time, lowers participation costs. “This is a more efficient mechanism that scales rapidly and continuously optimize content throughout the campaign,” Uva said.