The hosts Rick Harrison and Austin "Chumlee" Russell and César Sabroso and Miguel Brailovsky from A+E Networks Latin America

History's Pawn Stars back for 22nd season
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de febrero de 2021

El Precio de la Historia (Pawn Stars), aired on History and that has over 580 episodes, arrives at its 22nd season on Sunday, February 14 at 9:40pm (Argentina/Chile) and 8:40pm Venezuela. A+E Networks Latin America held a virtual event with the participation of its hosts, Rick Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

Eddy Ruiz, president and General Manager of A+E Networks Latin America, started the presentation highlighting the show's popularity among the region's audience.

The show has existed for 12 years (July 2009) and is seen in more than 150 countries in 38 languages.

“This show personifies something we have always seen as an essential strategy: understanding history not as something made up of dates, data, and numbers, but as people. The Harrison and Chumlee were the ones who generated the first big change on History, that made Pawn Stars not only a series but a cultural change," commented Miguel Brailovsky, senior VP of Programming and Production of A+E Networks Latin America, during the virtual presentation of the new season to the media.

Brailovsky explained that today a debut episode of El Precio de la Historia has a rating between 30 and 40% higher than the average of History's prime time. "Only on YouTube El Precio de la Historia reaches 188 million views, which highlight its popularity and transcend generations," he explained.

The stars took part in a panel of questions and answers moderated by César Sabroso, SVP of Marketing at A+E Networks Latin America.