Guillermo Sierra, Head of Television and Digital Services at HITN and Ron Magill

HITN: Mundo Salvaje with Ron Magill is our first original production on natural history

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|27 de septiembre de 2018

Mundo Salvaje with Ron Magill (10x60’), which debuts on Monday, October 1 on HITN in the US, is the channel’s first original production on natural history. Its host, Ron Magill, is an expert on wildlife, a photographer and passionate about conservation of endangered species in danger of extinction.

“Or natural history shows in prime time have helped us conceive a space where families sit down together to watch TV like when we were children. We are now absolute leaders in nature content. We have more nature content than any other pay-TV channel in Spanish in the US and it comes from the most important producers from around the world, and we are constantly visiting programming markets to acquire the most exciting productions,” explained Guillermo Sierra, Head of Television and Digital Services at HITN.

For his part, Ron Magill, who has worked at Zoo Miami for 39 years and has completed more than 50 trips to Africa, highlighted that he partnered this Project because it is a show that invites the audience to explore the world of animal behavior and to respect animals. Magill, of Cuban and Colombian origin, mentioned that many wildlife shows currently focus on presenting animals as dangerous creatures and are sensationalist to win audiences. “I think that if we present a show that depicts the wonders of nature, we are going to have good audience results,” he expressed.

Mundo Salvaje is produced by HITN in collaboration with Zoo Miami and Off the Fence from Europe. The show was recorded in the Everglades National Park and at the Zoo Miami.

Each episode of Mundo Salvaje con Ron Maguillfeatures incredible, action-packed sequences of creatures struggling to survive, revealing the most incredible ways that animals find food, a mate, avoid death and even take revenge.