Erika Vogt mentioned that they are open to different options to continue Isabel's series once the first season ends

HITN: RTVE´s Isabel will continue our new strategy of programming historical series or series based on literary works
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|22 de junio de 2022

HITN purchased the broadcasting rights of the Spanish series Isabel (13x60’) by RTVE, whose first season will premiere next Sunday, June 26 at 9pm in the US.

Erika Vogt-Lowell, director of Programming & Acquisitions of HITN, explained that this year the channel decided to change its programming strategy to include series. "The first was Servidor del Pueblo, which ended last Sunday, June 19 at 9pm with very good results. We were incredibly happy for having included it in our lineup” she added.

Servidor del Pueblo will be followed by Isabel that “tells the story of an innovative woman for her times. It is an inspiring story. We want it to be something that inspires our audiences so that they strive to change their worlds. We are looking for stories that not only include strong characters, but that is also inclusive. Isabel is the story of a woman who, against all odds, becomes the queen of Spain" comments Vogt.

The executive highlighted that, precisely when in the channel they were discussing this programming strategy, "we had the series, Isabel, in mind, since it is an amazing story, still in vigor, and when we knew it was available for the US, we made the decision to purchase it and include it in our lineup" she furthered.

Vogt mentioned that they are open to different options to continue Isabel's series once the first season ends. “We are definitely considering the option of continuing it” she ended.

In addition to being on the linear screen, Isabel will also be available on HITN Go, as well as the behind the cameras of the series.

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