Gennari: Operators must prepare for the Heptaplay race

Horacio Gennari from BB: In the future, we will talk about #TheConnectedMan as a normal thing
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|28 de agosto de 2018

Horacio Gennari, founder and President of BB, took part in the ARRIS Executive Leadership Forum in Miami, with the presentation The Connected Man.

Gennari explains that the presentation is part of a comprehensive study he is conducting in relation to the assumption that in the near future "we will be talking about #TheConnectedMan as a normal thing. It won´t only be the media, contents, cell phones, but human beings as a whole will be connected through chips, emanating data from his body, movements, warnings, sensations. Instead of The Internet of Things, I want to sustain the theory of the Internet of Humans," explained Gennari.

The goal of the research is to prove that telecommunications, the media, and entertainment require constant investment.

"The good news is that the market will continue to exist, grow and expand. Don´t waste your time. You are in the business of connecting people, homes, companies and IoT, don´t forget that!” he added.

He reported there are 89.4 million pay TV subscribers in Latin America; 28,137 operators; US$5,430 million are the industry's annual losses due to informality; the five countries with the greatest number of subscribers are Brazil (24.96 million), Mexico (21.63 million), Argentina (11.01); Colombia (8.6) and Venezuela (6.42).

In OTT, 7 out of 10 homes watch films or series online. The most requested SVOD platforms are Netflix (36% of share), Claro Video (8%) and Amazon Prime Video (3%).

Gennari mentioned that MSO, ISP, cable and other operators must be ready for the Heptaplay race: phone, Internet, cell phone, pay TV, TV everywhere and SVOD, music streaming and intelligent home.