Adriana Waterston, SVP, Insights & Strategy de Horowitz

Horowitz: Multicultural homes experiment a great deal with virtual MVPDs
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de octubre de 2018

Multicultural homes are experimenting with virtual MVPDs (Sling, DIRECTV Now, YouTube TV) and the research Getting Up to Code: new tech, new content, and the Never-Ending Quest for New Audiences conducted by Horowitz revealed that half of the consumers are interested in virtual MVPDs.

Adriana Waterston, SVP, Insights & Strategy de Horowitz, who was responsible for presenting the results in the context of the Cultural Insights Forum, expressed that multicultural audiences are always at the forefront and that Latinx lead with 79% TV content (in 2018) that they watch on streaming (above Asians, African-Americans, and whites).

The study also revealed that the time audiences spend watching live content versus streaming has equated. Latinx watch in average 40% TV live versus 39% streaming.

Another finding of the study was that subscription to traditional multichannel services has dropped 11% since 2014.

The study revealed that half of the TV content audience has SVOD services, and one out of three has two services. Waterson mentioned that the people surveyed expressed they have Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix and nearly 30% is subscribed to two of those OTTs.

Another important conclusion is that multicultural consumers are the hungriest for content and that even millennial audiences continue to care about open TV. “In fact, Netflix needs broadcast content to survive,” she added.