Mari Tato

Mari Tato of In & Out Productions: Despite Pandemic, We Can Now Shoot Wherever The Director Wants
05 de mayo de 2020

Filming commercials has been reactivated in a number of countries, but under new work formats and with very strict safety protocols. Mari Tato, Executive Integrated Producer of In & Out Productions, said they currently have several shoots underway. “As of today, we are allowed to shoot where the director is – New York, L.A., Miami, Mexico, as long as the crew is no larger than 15 to 20 people," she said.

“We have respected international safety standards from the start, applying measures for the most efficient protection of cast and crew. The level of help we offer instills trust in our clients - that is our new normal," Tato added.

She noted that their safety protocol is based on personal hygiene, including washing hands frequently and good habits like controlling sneezing and coughing, not sharing phones or laptops, having all documents online, using personalized scripts that are not shared, thorough cleaning before shoots, and each participant cleaning his or her area when no longer using the furniture, doors or bathrooms involved.

Crew members must also sign a release freeing the production company and its client from any liability. At the same time they must all receive masks and gloves, a mandatory protection kit for the feet, and have their temperatures taken, while the set must be equipped with the appropriate ventilation. All these requirements must be continually repeated, and in addition, there should be rotating turns for the crew and isolation areas for a small number of people at each location.

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