Kevin Zung, Chief Operating Officer of WMcCann and McCann Worldgroup
Today The Key Is Flexibility and the Challenge is Having Balance: Kevin Zung, WMcCann Brazil
29 de septiembre de 2020

For Kevin Zung, Chief Operating Officer of WMcCann and McCann Worldgroup, "we must think with both sides of the brain of a brand, in particular with the pandemic we are living, where flexibility is the key and balance the challenge." He made this statement during the FIAP Face to Face Webinar on Tuesday 29.

“We are above all in a brand ecosystem that allows us to get closer to consumers and take them to the top funnel. Those brands that have been using too much the left side of that brain with a lot of technology and data need to balance with the right side, focusing more on branding, brand purpose, branded content. ”

Regarding these new ways of connecting with the consumer, he mentioned their campaign for Coca-Cola in Brazil, which triggered the debate because for the first time they used an Afro- descendent Santa Claus. “At WMcCann we have restructured our teams to be able to change internally in the face of these changes. We believe that by doing so first we can help brands tackle this issue and prioritize diversity. 20% of our team is Afro-descendant, but we’ve been living with the heritage of a market that has been very complicated. That is why we are opening with mentorship programs for Afro-descendant women and we are giving everyone the same growth opportunities within the company.”

He concluded that McCann Brazil’s balance sheet is their greatest strength today. “We have seen many agency models and I know that we have a 360º view of the entire business, we understand the ecosystem and we have balanced our services."