Gerson Brito, producer of Hybrid Bunch

Hybrid Bunch: We are working on a thriller that we put love into
08 de diciembre de 2017

The production company Hybrid Bunch works on a series based on the case of Las Poquianchis, a group of serial killers of prostitutes that will cover the issue of human trafficking.

Gerson Brito Jiménez, with 20 years of experience in the Mexican TV industry, said that in 2018 they will be focused on this project, which they called Carne Joven (Young Flesh). The series combines the drama of prostitution with elements from the Mexican music culture and love stories.

“We followed the leads on these women who opened their houses since 1950 to human trafficking and began a network that continues to operate in Mexico and the US. Las Poquianchis continue killing. It is a true story we brought to fiction. It is a thriller we put a bit of love into, without reaching melodramatic levels, because the audience is interested in talking about love, about music, and that generates rooting.”

The Mexican regional genre will have a special exhibition in the series. “We are involving Mexican talent to commercialize this series between Mexicans and Hispanics in the US”.

The producer mentioned that the 13 episodes of the first season are written and that they are planning to have two more. They are working on the trailer and have had conversations with TV stations in Mexico to develop the production, but they are seeking a negotiation with an international channel.

Brito Jiménez is also preparing a bioseries for Televisa on the Singer-songwriter Rigo Tovar that might start being shot next year.