Mary Black, Hasta Que Te Conocí producer, in #PRODUprimetime

I was eager to return to fiction
17 de diciembre de 2020

Mary Black is behind some of the most successful series of the last decade, including Hasta Que Te Conocí, which paved the way for a wave of biopics, and the recently released Súbete a mi moto. Both productions have their origins in her firsts years as a filmmaker when she worked with César Bolívar in Macanao Films in Venezuela. These are her first steps in a 40 years career in the entertainment industry.

“As my beginnings were in the cinema, I always had that anxiety to return to fiction. As soon as Fernando Barbosa told me about Juan Gabriel’s idea, I joined the team,” Black told Ríchard Izarra during #PRODUprimetime. “When I went to Juan Gabriel's house and told him that the project of my life was to tell his story, he looked at me with all his greatness and told me that he was putting his life in my hands. As simple as that.” That meeting gave birth to the Disney, BTF, and SOMOS series, of which she is founder.

Black is president and CEO of MBS Entertainment with partners in Mexico and Spain. She is a pioneer in producing live events for TV, such as the Lo Nuestro de Univisión awards. She has the adrenaline needed for this type of event in which she continues to work on. “In October we did the Latin Billboard for Telemundo. A big challenge because we wanted 18 musicals, with singers and an audience live. I love special events.”

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