Carlos Cantú

Carlos Cantu of Twitter : Our audience expects brands to care for their employees during the pandemic
25 de agosto de 2020

Carlos Cantu, business marketing director for Twitter in Europe and the Middle East, took part in the IAB Conecta 2020 conference on Wednesday, August 25, with a presentation titled Are You Ready to Lead the Way? There he detailed seven brand strategies that have led the conversation on Twitter during these months of the Covid-19 pandemic: lead by listening, lead with a purpose, lead by example, lead with something new, lead by creating a connection, lead with agility and lead with optimism.

“These are very hard times and brands today must deal with the situation in a different way since traditional marketing formulas might not be enough,” Cantu said. “Brands that have managed to lead the conversation are ones that have always been very clear about their purpose, a case in point being Modelo Beer when it told its audience that it wouldn’t be able to produce beer under the circumstances and described all it would do for Mexico at its plants."

He noted that brands are committed to making positive changes, and that almost 100 percent of people expect them to care for their employees, be trustworthy and listen to what people ask for. “Our audience has been waiting for the last five years for brands to make their contribution to society,” he said, “and with the pandemic this has become vital. Some 61percent of Twitter users want to know how brands are helping those who need it most and this starts with their employees.”

To stay relevant, he suggested turning live events into virtual events, creating or taking advantage of special occasions and focusing on what people are really interested in. "Over the past few months we have seen an increase of more than 40 percent in conversations about sports online, a 48 percent increase in conversations about home cooking, while 95 percent of users are on the lookout for live events on the platform,” Cantu said.