Pierre Diennet

Pierre Diennet of Lotame: Privacy should be controlled by the individual, not by Apple or Google
25 de agosto de 2020

Pierre Diennet, product VP at Lotame, opened the second day of the IAB Conecta 2020 conference on Tuesday, August 26, with a presentation dubbed Connectivity & Collaboration: How to Build a Bright Data Future Right Now. The talk started with an evaluation of “how the pandemic has has changed your connections.”

“At Lotame we think the future of advertising technology is based on people. It has privacy as its priority and is open to everyone,” he said. “Aside from the pandemic, we have pressures coming from all sides: privacy regulations, the appearance of cookies, disconnected data like walled-in gardens closed off even more with privacy regulations to consolidate brands’ control of the market. But we can tap into these trends to move into the future, and we believe independent technology platforms are the only sure way into the future we want."

The company, unlike other ad tech firms, focuses on people and not on devices, so it has designed a fairly comprehensive ID for individual consumers and gets a good profile of all their online behavior. “But we do this respecting people's right to privacy,” Diennet said. “Lotame thinks the Web must be open and that privacy must be controlled by the individual, not by Apple or Google. We are aiming at an open, transparent and powerful Web, the way it should be. We think the future is connected.”