Iris Córdoba from Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC): Technology is no longer the problem, but the solution for sports in the region

Identifying and having fan data for monetization
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de abril de 2021

Technology is no longer the problem, but the solution for sports in the region, according to Iris Córdoba, general manager of the Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) powered by Microsoft based in Madrid, Spain.

For Córdoba, the key is to identify and have fan data to be able to monetize. "Technology, social networks, streaming, help us generate this connection," she said during the How to Develop ROI and Sponsorship Deliveries roundtable within the framework of the third and last day of StreamTV Sports Summit.

The discussion, hosted by Amir Somoggi, Managing Partner of Sports Value, also included Nicolas Sculli, General Manager of, and Marcelo Gantman, Director of Big Data Sports Argentina.

For Sculli technological innovation and digital transformation of sports clubs is a process, "it is a matter of managing resources and incorporating different tools to bring sponsors and fans closer to the backbone of the clubs."

Córdoba emphasized the importance of sports clubs having a digital plan to be able to monetize. "The keys are to identify the consumer, a digital plan, and engagement," she said. She mentioned the case of the LaLiga platform that has more than 500 thousand subscribers worldwide. “LaLiga is creating campaigns based on the data of the people who follow them. In a few years, 50% of LaLiga's income will come from the OTT,” she said.

Gantman considered interesting the mega-deal the reached NFL with broadcasters and streamers because it gives them time to prepare for the fact that in 10 years 70% of sports will be seen via streaming.

"Technology cannot be ahead of the business model because otherwise, it doesn't work, it has to support it," he stressed.

Sculli said that the digital business allows them to think about simultaneous transmissions with our own sponsors depending on the territory.