Ignacio Sada

Ignacio Sada from Televisa: Mi Adorable Maldición is a story full of magical realism that will engage the audience
24 de enero de 2017

(Maye Albornoz). Televisa presented its new bet for the evening schedule of Las Estrellas, Mi Adorable Maldición (120x60’), a production by Ignacio Sada, that debuted on Monday, January 23, also on the network´s platforms.

Mi Adorable Maldición is the Mexican version of the Colombian Lola Calamidades, and its original style is preserved, but with touches of mystery and suspense. "We chose to do this adaptation because it is so good and the excellent results it had. It is a different story, with touches of magical realism that makes it very attractive. It has huge production values and a connecting thread that will engage the audience," he pointed out.

The producer assured this telenovela is in a standard format for the schedule, it lasts seven months, and added that this formula continues to be in vigor. "It is true that now people seek shorter formats, but it is all defined according to what the story allows or not", he stated.

Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle play the main characters, together with Patricia Navidad, Cecilia Gabriela, Laura Carmine, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, among others. Sandra Schiffner and Eduardo Said are responsible for the stage direction, and the script is adapted by Gabriela Ortigoza, Ricardo Tejeda, Félix Cortés and Gerardo Sánchez.

He said he had the best expectations regarding the designation of José “Pepe” Bastón as president of Televisa Internacional and of Isaac Lee as general director of Contents at Univision and Televisa: "It is a great opportunity for Televisa to expand its horizons and keep the business growing".