Sabor (es) México with Aquiles Chávez
iKaBron Productions present at Natpe 2018 with several original projects
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de enero de 2018

iKaBron Productions for the first time will have a booth -208- on Natpe’s market floor to offer several original productions, such a the travel format Sabor (es) México, with Aquiles Chávez (13x60’), the docuseries Juxtaposed (13x60’) for the general market, the musical docuseries Jamming con Jon Secada (13x60’) and another docuseries El Género (13x30’) with the singer Sophia del Carmen deeply explores the world of urban music.

“The company has solidified as a generator of original content with brand integration. Now, we are taking the next step that is to try to sell long original formats with interesting proposals for the different networks,” comments Alfonso “Poncho” de Anda, director of iKaBron.

Sabor (es) México with Aquiles Chávez is a format in which the chef travels around the world experimenting the essence of Mexico through food.

In Juxtaposed, they place two entirely different people to live the other one’s life for a day. “We sit them face to face before and after going through the experiment,” explains de Anda.

In Jamming, Jon Secada invites emerging artists to his studio to share his story. These are artists that are getting off to a great start. They revisit several of their own songs and others by Secada.

De Anda was also consulted on his recent project with Univision, La Gran Sorpresa.

“It is the first time I make a format like this and I am very happy. It gives you an idea of where content is heading, everything included in brand integration in a very organic way,” comments de Anda about the show La Gran Sorpresa which he is the host of, and that was launched on Sunday, January 14 on the screen of Univision in co-production with Carnival Corporation.