Adriana Ibáñez from Imagen Televisión continues looking for stories that impact the audience

Imagen Televisión: El Capitán Camacho fulfils our expectations of endearing characters and stories
01 de agosto de 2017

Imagen Televisión will launch on Monday August 7 at 8pm El Capitán Camacho, as Estudios TeleMéxico production, written by Juan Camilo Ferrand starring Humberto Zurita.

“At Imagen Televisión when we look for characters, we try to find endearing ones. When we tell stories, we want them to be inspiring. And El Capitán Camacho fulfills both. Not only is he a great character, but who fulfills the American dream, but he returns to Mexico, creates Africam Safari and leaves a great legacy,” said Adriana Ibáñez, Content and Programming Advisors at Imagen Televisión.

Produced in Full HD film format, with 100% Mexican locations, El Capitán Camacho is focused on the life of the Mexican Carlos Camacho Espíritu, creator of Africam Safari. It covers five decades of the life of a man who, despite living in poverty and injustice during his childhood, thanks to his impetus and perseverance overcomes huge obstacles until he attains the American dream, and after, returns to his country to fulfill an even bigger dream.

In the cast, Zurita is joined by José María de Tavira, Leonardo Daniel, Vanessa Bauche, Tessa, Johanna Murillo, among others.