Agustín Restrepo, executive producer

Imagen TV: In 2018 we will strengthen our growth with multiplatform products
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|28 de septiembre de 2017

To generate multiplatform products is the goal of Imagen TV, that will be strengthened in 2018 with the creation of new original productions, assured Agustín Restrepo, executive producer at this TV station, who added that the next step is the development of exclusive material for their digital platforms.

“Nowadays, TV is multiplatform, and Imagen TV is a young company thought in this notion, in the projection to other media. Open TV needs fresh products in large and medium format. Short series are more for OTT platforms," he explained.

Restrepo highlighted that digitalization of television allows the consumption of content to have a greater exhibition on different platforms, "that is why our contents are available everywhere. In this light, one step we will take is the generation of original content for our web and digital sites. For now, we are focused on the growth of Imagen TV."

Finally, he announced that on October 4 the television station will have its upfront, in which they will present all the novelties for 2018.