Verónica Bellver

Imagen TV: People are begging for contents like Vuelve Temprano for open TV
18 de octubre de 2016

Vuelve Temprano (100x60’), the teleseries launched by the new open TV channel, Imagen TV, is considered one of the contents that Mexican TV viewers hope to see on their screens, as the writer of the project, Verónica Bellver, expressed. She emphasized they had conducted research and interviews to achieve the product that will be aired starting Monday at 8pm on channel 3.

“People are begging for this type of contents, previous formulas are wasted. People need something to identify with, and in Vuelve Temprano the characters talk to people, there are things about young people that hadn’t been covered in other projects. From the first episode all the way to the last one, people are in total suspense. It is a thriller that will surprise the audience,” she mentioned.

She assured that the making, production and casting was done by Argos, and the creative control was under the responsibility of Imagen TV, led by Aurelio Varcárcel.

One of the talents is Gabriela de la Garza, who will star in the series together with Mario Cimarro. He highlighted that the topic they are covering is hard and critical, “mainly for a country like ours, where we live so close to lawlessness, lack of justice, violence. My character will seek justice when he loses one of his children.”

To conclude, Cimarro was grateful, because Mexico needed a new channel with a different offer, “with the quality that production companies like Argos imprints on each work.”